What is it?

A conference presentation that challenges your audience to question whether the way you currently do things is the best way.  The result is people start to create great opportunities to achieve more with your business.

45 minute keynote presentation

Several years after introducing a management team to this concept Dave revisited the CEO to find this question written large and permanent on a white board in his office.   It was there as a constant reminder that there can always be more.

Too often we find ourselves  hunkered down in red tape, paralysed by the status quo, unable to think about anything other than preserving as much as possible of what we already have.

Now is the time to think differently and creatively about what can be achieved.  Remarkably many of the constraints to achieving more are self- imposed.  When ‘it’s the way we do things around here’ is the unspoken mantra. Or ‘they’ (whoever they are) wouldn’t like it if we changed. Then you need to open yourself to the possibility, just the possibility, that there can be more.

What's in it for you?

  • Open your mind  to the possibility that there can be  even more
  • Find Inspiration to become actively involved in finding improvement
  • Recognise that what you may have been doing for many years might now not be the best way
  • Stop doing the things which don’t count
  • 5 ways to achieve more

Dave refers to his audience as participants. This is not a passive presentation but designed to get people involved and engaged. Using multimedia and a range of highly interactive techniques ensures participants have been entertained whilst picking up valuable insights.

Who will benefit?

Leaders and managers who want to understand what they have to do lead transformation

Teams that want to avoid wasting time, money and emotion on change that doesn’t make a difference

Organisations that want to see real change for their customers