The beauty of twitter

I’ve lost count of the number of reports I have / haven’t read which were dozens of pages long. They represent not only a waste of paper (computer memory), a waste of energy from the writer, and a waste of my time.  Why are these authors so lazy?  It is so easy to produce 5 thousand words for a white … Read More

Leadership in our virtual world

How often are managers so busy with their emails they find it hard to leave their offices to influence their people face to face? In the 1980s ‘management by walking about’ was popularised by Tom Peter’s in his book ‘In Search of Excellence’. The benefits of which few can achieve in today’s workplace. Why? Simply because the way we communicate … Read More

3 Tips For Setting Up LIVE Online Events

The world is changing fast. Technology now means we can access content from our computer, tablet or mobile phone from almost anywhere. Even the shop floor, office or while we are out visiting sites. More and more of our clients are realising they can save money and make changes to work practices using a live online approach but they don’t know … Read More

Quick, Easy, Quality Roll Out

Have you ever wanted to roll an improvement programme out quickly across an organisation only to find it will take months to organise? Even when you’ve sorted out the venues for events and the invitations you will still find people have missed out on the opportunity. We set ourselves the task of creating a way to roll out a programme, … Read More

The Difference Between LIVE Presenting and LIVE, Online Presenting

So you’ve become a good live presenter and now you are finding more and more of your presentations are live online. It doesn’t matter which platform you are using, Webex, Lync, Skype, Adobe or GoTo if you aren’t careful you will come across as DULL. Live online presentations are hard. The problem is that you will not know how good or … Read More