What is it?

The online leader has to have the leadership skills of their predecesors and an added layer of skills to effectively utilise online communication.

A 45 minute conference presentation

The function of Leadership has changed little however the way leaders communicate has changed considerably.  With most of the relationship building in an organisation being conducted online how does this affect the way organisations are led.  As instant communication using multiple channels becomes the norm how does this affect the way organisations are led.  What are the challenges?  How can your leadership teams make the most of the opportunities?  What additional skills do you need to be a great online leader?

Unfortunately these brilliant opportunities also offer massive pitfalls.  Leaders anxious for progress can undermine their managers at the click of a mouse as communication by-passes their leadership team.  The resut can quickly become organisational chaos.

What will you get from it?

We all know what New World communications looks like as we embrace social media in our daily lives.  Understand how does this affects the way we lead

Reaffirm the role and process of leadership

Understand the frontiers of New World Leadership

Identify what are the challenges of New World leadership

Avoid the pitfalls of the semi competent communicator

Ensure your leadership style works effectively

Lead the shadow side where social media is the communication media of choice

Who will benefit?

Anyone who leads or manages within an organisation

Leadership teams

Team Leaders and Supervisors

Additional activities

Conference workshop to help people identify areas for improvement

Live online group coaching to follow up the event