The Difference Between LIVE Presenting and LIVE, Online Presenting

So you've becomemain-header-nov a good live presenter and now you are finding more and more of your presentations are live online. It doesn't matter which platform you are using, Webex, Lync, Skype, Adobe or GoTo if you aren't careful you will come across as DULL. Live online presentations are hard. The problem is that you will not know how good or bad you have been. The presenter is insulated from the real world because there is no one to give immediate feedback. I've lost count of the bad webinars I've sat through as part of my research where a world renowned expert has bored their audience with bad slides, poor delivery and zero engagement?We have a wonderful, new medium for training, development, meetings and coaching which is being used to a fraction of it's potential because presenters don't currently have the skills to realise the opportunity.