The beauty of twitter

I’ve lost count of the number of reports I have / haven’t read which were dozens of pages long. They represent not only a waste of paper (computer memory), a waste of energy from the writer, and a waste of my time.  Why are these authors so lazy?  It is so easy to produce 5 thousand words for a white paper.  People mistakenly believe the length of the document reflects your intellectual rigour.  Let’s be honest, with most reports when you’ve cut through the baggage you’re left with just a few hundred words of interesting insight.

Blogs are brilliant if they are 300 words long.  2-3 interesting points well-made is worth my time to read it.  So why do some bloggers swallow a ‘verbose’ pills and write 800 word of drivel.

My friend Mark Gregory is a master at condensing even the most complex of processes, issue and solutions into an ‘A3’.  That’s just 2 sides of A4.  This document is used extensively in LEAN management and is truly breath taking in it’s usefulness and clarity.

Now we get to a tweet.  The pinnacle of the writing art.  A micro blog of succinctness and brevity which at it’s prime has the perfection of a finely crafted haiku.  This is our goal when we are creating the descriptor for our events.  Instant clarity from a mere 140 characters ... (or less).