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Set up and effectively use live online events in your organisation

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What is it?

The technology has arrive.  WAKE UP to the potential benefits of live online events.  STOP using it so badly.

A 45 minute conference presentation 

The potential for organisations, teams and individuals to benefit from it is MASSIVE.  People are just waking up to what can be done but many use this opportunity very badly.  How many of us have experienced a really DULL webinar.  What about those mind numbing live online meetings or conference calls?  Lazy presenters who believe they are coming across as inspirational yet their audience has completely switched off.

Live online events can be highly interactive.  They can deliver engagement which will involve everyone in an organisation.  They have been shown to be more effective as a learning media than live training.  In addition people can take part in their workplace which means viewing an event and applying the information immediately to the context of their work. What's more you will save time and money.

What's in it for you?

Open people's minds to the possibilities for using live online event

How to avoid the pit falls

What makes a good presenter

How to be an engaged participant

How can your people evaluate and improve their live online communication

Who will benefit?

Leaders and managers who want to lead effectively online

Teams that want to avoid wasting time and money

Organisations that want to see real change happen quickly

Additional activities

Conference workshop to help people identify areas for improvement

Live online group coaching to follow up the event

Consultation to assess the readiness of your organisation to achieve the potential gains live online events can bring