When you want to roll out a programme throughout an organisation, across sites, to throughout your global businesses or even to every school in your country ...  Dave Bradley has done this and has designed GLOE to be able to do this effectively.

Our consultants will work with your programme sponsor to identify how you can use GLOE to roll-out any programme throughout your organization.

Principles of a GLOE roll-out programme:
  • Easy to implement
  • Any content can be accommodated
  • Can be adapted for any roll out methodology for example cascade, champions, pilot, industrialization, specific needs
  • Involves people as participants in the roll out
  • Action focused
  • Collects and disseminates good practice
  • Accountability and responsibility are clearly defined
  • Focuses on developing the behaviours needed to achieve the programme goals
  • Uses live events and live online events
  • Embeds a culture of continuous improvement which can be measured and monetized
Roll out design to communicate with all parts of an organisation.

At GLOE we are passionate about creating lasting measurable improvement in organisations. Producing roll out programmes for organisations and our GLOE presenters is at the heart of the GLOE business philosophy. These programmes are designed to reach all parts of the organisation to create measured improvement and change. GLOE is a brilliant portalfor the effective roll out of all types of programmes .