What is it?

Mindset; the scourge of all change programmes.  How do you recognise it?  Is it stopping you, your team or your organisation from moving forwards?

45 minute conference presentation

Using an historical analogy of the Battle of Crecy and the chivalrous mindset of the Frankish Knights to help your people understand the concept, we take them on a journey which means they will never see the world in the same way again.  What’s more is the way these ideas become referenced in decision making after experiencing our presentation? Are you like the Frankish Knights?

  • The four rules of mindset
  • How to recognise mindset
  • How mindset becomes entrenched
  • Four levels of Mindset. Which is prevalent in your organisation?
  • Changing Mindsets albeit with difficulty
  • Examples of new mindsets that have changed our lives

What's in it for you?

A great story which will have people nodding as they recognise examples of mindset in action in your organisation

As the presentation raises awareness of the blockage mindset can bring it also shows what you can all do about it

A brilliant metaphor which will stick in people's minds for years to come

Who will benefit?

Leaders and managers who want to understand what they have to do lead transformation

Teams that want to avoid wasting time, money and emotion on change that doesn’t make a difference

Organisations that want to see real change for their customers

This presentation opens peoples minds

Additional activities

Conference workshop to help people identify areas for improvement

Live online group coaching to follow up the event

Consultation to assess the readiness of your organisation to achieve the potential gains live online events can bring