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What is it?

How many times have you witnessed colleagues demotivating their audience in a webinar!... but it doesn’t have to be like this.

A 45 minute conference presentation

Using live online platforms such as Adobe, Webex, GoTo and the like has created brilliant possibilities to present ideas to your audience.  How would you like people to remark about you brilliant live online presentations?  What if you were the go to person in your organization to deliver key content to your workforce?

Just as standing on a stage in front of a live audience requires skill and confidence, presenting well, live online is doubly difficult and involves a new level of technological complexity.  This conference presentation shows what top presenters do to inspire their audiences using live online presentations.

Some people come across brilliantly.  Their audience stay engaged throughout.  They get feedback, people share their ideas and then go away to take action.  Follow a few easy to practice principles and you too can have their accolades.

What's in it for you?

  • Learn the presentation skills of the top live online professionals
  • Discover how you can engage with your audience even though you can’t see them
  • Present effectively to achieve the outcome you want
  • Simplify the technology
  • Take precautions just in case things go wrong

Who will benefit?

Leaders and managers who want to deliver inspirational live online event and meeting presentations

Teams that want to have effective live online meetings

Organisations that want all their live online communications, training and meetings to be engaging and effective

Additional activities

Conference workshop to help people identify areas for improvement

Live online group coaching to follow up the event

Consultation to assess the readiness of your organisation to achieve the potential gains live online events can bring