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What is it?

A conferenece presentation to make you think.  Dave presents an easy to use model to create the road for transformational change in any organisation, team or individual

45 minute keynote presentation

How to achieve transformational change?  The new tent model lies at the heart of all Dave's presentations and has been told to many inspired audiences.  On 27th March 2008 Dave saw a news report about the opening of T5, terminal 5 at Heathrow airport in London.  One disgruntled passenger interviewed for prime time tv news gave her analysis of the chaotic situation she found herself in.  Her comments were short, insightful and incisive: 'New tent, same circus'.  This light-bulb moment set off a train of thinking, research and the development of new practices.  The first question of course is 'what does a new tent, new circus look like?  No animals are involved in this presentation but you will be amazed and inspired by the spectacle.  This story has been told many times and never fails to get people to think about how they can achieve transformational change.

What’s in it for you?

  • A great metaphor which you and your teams can continue to draw on
  • A model for achieving transformational change which is easy to implement across organisations
  • Ideas which apply to individuals as well as teams and organisations.
  • Identify what you need to work on to achieve transformation

Who will benefit?

Leaders and managers who want to understand what they have to do lead transformation

Teams that want to avoid wasting time, money and emotion on change that doesn’t make a difference

Organisations that want to see real change for their customers

Additional activities

Conference workshop to help people identify areas for improvement

Live online group coaching to follow up the event