Organisations and presenters are increasing asking for their meetings, training events and corporate communications to be produced by GLOE. Live online events need to be specifically designed to work effectively with a live online audience in order to achieve engagement, participation and action.

GLOE will conduct a pre-production consultation and help you develop your presentation.

Event Pre-Production Consultation will identify:
• clear goals for your presentation
• what actions people will take as a result of participating in your event
• how the event will be supported - pre event and post event
• your audience
• how the presenter likes to present live online
• a production schedule including responsibilities and deadlines
Help with the Development of Your Presentation:

• Design and create an event from a brief
• Convert an existing training events or keynote presentations to make it suitable for live online presentation
• Design and create support materials
• Design and create supporting marketing videos
• Design and create the event stage
• Design and create a live online lobby area