Great Live online Events (GLOE) is a managed, hosted live online event platform.We take away the challenges presenters and organisations face when presenting to live online customers which allows presenters to focus on their event.
As more organisations recognize the enormous benefits of training and developing their people using live online presentations, so a world-wide market is opening for high quality,action focused events which can effect real improvement. GLOE has responded to this new market place by developing a secure, managed portal specifically for the delivery of live online programmes to organisations and communities.
As specialist producers of live online events GLOE help presenters and organisations create highly effective events specifically for this market place.    


A GLOE Academy is your very own online training centre, a place to reach your audience wherever they are and provide them with an easy platform to learn and share ideas and inspiration. Whether you are a successful professional looking for a place to train your clients online or a large business looking for a platform to teach your employees, a GLOE Academy is perfect for you.

Dave Bradley is a qualified live online facilitator.  He can host / facilitate your events on GLOE or on your own platform.  This gives you piece of mind knowing your event is in skilled hands which allows you and your presenters to focus on delivering their presentations.