Consultancy to set up and effectively use live online events in your organisation

Many organisations are becoming aware of the potential for using live online events.  The technology is now robust enough to allow people to engage in live online activity wherever they are located.  Events can be accessed using mobile phones, tablet, laptop and desktop computers.  Training, meetings, communications of all sorts are available at the place of work which means any actions can be immediately implemented.

BUT ...

There is always a 'BUT'...

Few people have the skills to make the most of the opportunity.  As a result time, money and effort are being wasted while the technology is being used ineffectively or not at all.  Worst case scenario is that because it is being used poorly people are becoming blinkered to what is possible.

  • You want to know what technology you are currently using
  • We identify any gaps and can make recommendations
  • You want to know what opportunities to save time, money and effort through utilising live online events more effectively
  • We identify the possibilities and recommend how these can be achieved and the benefits measured
  • You want to know the skills gap.
  • We can assess current users and train them to become great live online presenters
  • You want to know the skills gap of the workforce you want to engage
  • We can assess how confident they are with live online meetings and training.  They can then be trained to become great live online participants
  • You want to know which of your training and development courses can be delivered live online
  • We work with your training and development team to convert these courses