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  • Experience of design and delivery of programmes which have been rolled out successfully throughout organisations
  • Deep understanding how training is transferred into measurable actions
  • Experience of working with people at all levels in organisations from boards of directors in blue chip companies to casual workers.  I’ve a particular interest in engaging the middle management in an organisation with creating lasting improvement
  • Worked with all types of businesses from PLCs, Public Sector including NHS, SMEs and the voluntary sector.  In the UK and elsewhere.
  • I’ve spoken at massive events and at small intimate gatherings both live and live online.
  • Live online communication is the new frontier in training and organisational development whose potential is huge yet rarely used effectively.

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  • Head of Faculty of Humanities, Head of Department of Economics and Politics, Teacher of Economics, Business Studies and Enterprise at Hemsworth High School where I’m proud to say we had every child in school doing Enterprise education.
  • Leeds University Faculty of Education PGCE Lead Tutor in Social Science.
  • Founder, MD and Chair at CragRats.  We won many awards in Customer Service including the prestigious UK Customer Service Excellence Awards on 4 occasions.  CragRats also came in the Sunday Times top 100 Best Small Businesses to work for. Led teams to 6 National Training Awards.  We pioneered using actors in training and were at one time the second largest employer of actors in the UK.
  • Professional conference speaker and trainer
  • Theatre owner and restaurant owner.
  • Business coach. British Triathlon Level 3 coach.  Paraglider Pilot’s Licence. Qualified customer Service Trainer, Certified Live Online Facilitator.
  • Founder of Great Live Online Events where I currently focus on producing great events for top speakers and organisations.
  • Founder itriwetri Traithlon Academy and Coaching

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” Participation is at the heart of everything.

If you are involved you are engaged.  

If you are emotionally engaged you are most likely to take action.  

When people take an interest in what you are doing then you are most likely to persist.

 When together we set the bar high you are most likely to achieve success.

The starting point is creating the opportunity for you to participate.  “