3 Tips For Setting Up LIVE Online Events

3-tipsThe world is changing fast. Technology now means we can access content from our computer, tablet or mobile phone
from almost anywhere.
Even the shop floor, office or while we are out visiting sites. More and more of our clients are realising they can save money and make changes to work practices using a live online approach but they don’t know how to achieve it.

Tip 1:  Most of the technology and internet connectivity needed will be in place. An easy check and a few simple actions can bring most organisations to the point where they can access live online events.

Tip 2:  Then you need to develop the skills of your potential presenters. Leaders, line managers and trainers can be trained and coached to be good live online presenters.

Tip 3:  Finally your work force need to be trained to become  great participants.Now the benefits your organisation can achieve are massive.
People trained in their workplace. Travel costs slashed. Time spent  in meetings vastly reduced. Most importantly improvements can happen quickly.