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3. Design great live online presentation, meetings and communications

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Where do you start?

You have some great content and an audience to inspire, but how do you create a brilliant presentation to deliver live online.

All great professional live online presenters use a script.  If you want to be effective, keep to time, produce great supporting visuals then your script is the starting place. This GLOE will help you produce a great script.

A 60 minutes live on line presentation

You will want to support your messages with visuals otherwise your presentation will be really dull. Typically you will use three times as many slides for a live online event than you would for a live presentation.

To keep their audience engaged great presenters use audience interaction more in a live online event than a live performance.  This interaction has to be carefully planned.

Creative use of the live online environment not only helps the presenter deliver effectively, it also enhances their reputation as a skilled communicator.

If people ask, ‘what do we have to do now?’ or what was that about?’ You know they weren’t listening. We have to prepare them to listen.

You will:

  • go through a step by step guide to live online event planning
  • learn how to focus your presentation on your audience taking action
  • utilize easy to use script templates
  • understanding what makes great visuals to support your points
  • develop a repertoire of engagement techniques
  • Realise the importance of the saying 'Prior planning prevents poor presentations'