2. Develop live online presentation skills

What is it?

Avoid being considered dull, dull, DULL when you present live online.

How many times have we experienced webinars delivered by brilliant people yet they come across as boring.  What about the inspirational leader who managed to switch us off.  Even the brilliant speaker who believed their charisma alone could hold our attention for 60 minutes!

A 60 minute live online presenter

Live online presenting is not the same as presenting to a live audience.  However it can be just as or even more effective, inspirational and fun.

Professional live online presenters don’t leave it to chance. If you want to shine as a great live online presenter find out what they do to be so good

You will:

Identify the sort of presenter do you want to be?

Design presentations to match your online persona

Dress to impress. Not just your clothes but everything that accompanies you in your live online presentation

Deliver with controlled energy

Avoid anything that discredits your live online personality