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1. Key elements to more effective use of live online in your organisation

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What is it?

When you hear:

'Our people wouldn't know what to do'

'Our technology isn't up to it'

'Some people are uncertain how we could benefit'

‘We already use live online meetings but they are pretty dull’

A 60 minute live online presenter

This is the time to take a professional assessment of your use of live online media.

Used well it can:

  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Eliminate hospitality costs
  • Reduce time devoted to training
  • Maintain live group collaboration
  • Embed changes quickly
  • Spread best practice instantly
  • Get more people trained more quickly
  • Most importantly the live online environment is more effective for more people than e learning and live training.

You will:

Evaluate the technology

Understand what great live online presenters do to engage their audience

Identify what you will need to do to educate your audiences

Identify opportunities to use live online presentations in your organisation

Develop a strategy to implement better live online presentations across your business to deliver:

Leadership and Management Programmes

Improving Customer Experience

Improving Employee Engagement

Supporting Change Programmes

Improving Performance Management

Meeting Specific Training Needs

Improving Team Cohesion

Communicating ‘P’ changes